Wednesday, 02 August 2017 00:00

Window Cleaning In Bromham

Lgb Vision collectively has over 30 years window cleaning experience, along with our drive and passion for sparkly clean windows we are an unstoppable team. We currently service over 500 homes and buildings in Bromham across the entire village. We can be found cleaning on nearly every street so have a look out for us and say hello, we’re as friendly as we are professional.

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Sunday, 05 July 2015 00:00

Come Say Hi At The Bromham Show 2015

Lgb Vision Window Cleaning currently has just under 500 residential homes in Bromham and has been cleaning since 2001 so this year we decided to give something back to the village which provided a stepping stone for our growth. Come and say hi and meet people from the Lgb Vision team. We would also love to hear any suggestions on how to improve our service to you no matter how trivial.

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Bedfordshire is seeing a big boom in new housing and is mainly in the Bedford, Great Denham, Kempston and Biddenham Vale area. Lgb Vision currently cleans on most new housing developments but if your area isn't listed we can still provide a free quotation. Do not let the construction dust and debris devalue your home!

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