Cranfield Window Cleaner

Cranfield Window Cleaner

Cranfield is seeing a small boom in new houses all across the village and these houses need a regular and reliable window cleaner to keep those new windows looking clean. We have a small selection of customers dotted about all over Cranfield but enough for a least one van to visit for a few days every cycle. Whether you live on the high street or on the new Cranfield Park we want to hear from you.

Domestic Window Cleaning

2016 saw us enter Cranfield as a totally new area for us and we couldn't be happier to clean in this area. A loyal and long standing customer moved to Cranfield and cancelled our services as at the time we hadn't covered Cranfield for window cleaning. The customer contacted us 6 months later and was desperate for us to come clean her windows as she couldn't seem to find a reliable window cleaner. Before we could even explain it wasn't an area we covered she had managed to drum up 5-10 potential new customers in her street and as they say the rest is history. When the Cranfield window cleaning round is due there is always a fight to take the round sheets as everybody has said what a lovely place it is to clean although it can be windy every now and then! So if you're looking for a change of window cleaner or simply need a window cleaner please contact us today for a free no obligation quotation and lets get your windows sparkling!

Commercial Window Cleaning

At present there are few shops and services in Cranfield but we've already managed to secure some lovely contracts to keep us in Cranfield longer cleaning windows! We're more than happy to add local independent shops right through to national stores to our ever growing client list. Just simply contact us today for a free quotation via our message form.   

Other Services

Just incase you already have a window cleaner we can always be found in the area providing one of many services which can be found here

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