Payment Preference For Window Cleaning

Payment Preference For Window Cleaning

2017 was a massive year for Lgb Vision and 2018 is already shaping up to be even better if January is anything to go by. The biggest issue with window cleaning has always been payment as most customers are at work and the bill left for window cleaning gets put to one side and forgotten about. Read on to find out how Lgb Vision has found the perfect solution for this issue.

Paying your Window Cleaning Bill

Domestic window cleaning has always been a British tradition for some reason and with the surge of new builds in the Bedfordshire area we cannot see this tradition changing anytime soon. We can typically place our customers into three groups on how they pay their bill which is cash/cheque, online and Direct Debit. Window cleaning is not supposed to be a chore to pay, it's a luxury to have and something that should be easy to arrange and pay. We believe we have found the perfect solution and have been using this payment method since August 2014! 

Payment Methods

Lets quickly look at the three most popular payment methods and explain the trends/pros/cons with each one. Our most popular payment method was cash and cheque payments. Usually the easiest to do and arrange but believe it or not this method is the worst for us in today's modern society. Most customers are out during the day so this method relies on the customer sending us a cheque which costs time and money or ourselves returning for the payment in the evening. We have no issues with this method but it sees the most amount of double billing or more! When we say double billing we mean we have cleaned your windows more than once and the bill starts to tally up. This sometimes results in the customer cancelling as it can be a huge bill to settle and defeats the purpose of affordable window cleaning.

The next payment method we're going to discuss is online banking/BACS/standing orders. This method solely puts the responsibility on the customer paying the bill because if a customer pays online we no longer knock for payment after cleaning or in fact on our collections nights. Most customers pay in a reasonable time frame and double billing or more is common but not a major issue. The complications with this is when a customer thinks they have paid but haven't, failed payments due to internet connection, extra administration for us and relying on the customer to always make the payment. The worst part of this method is when you have to prove to a customer that they didn't pay last time as it sometimes feels like a witch hunt.

The last payment method is Direct Debit via GoCardless and is by far the easiest and our now preferred payment for new Lgb Vision customers as of 2018. We have full information on our website and specially designed leaflets on how the system works. Due to it's success and performance since we started using the system in 2014 we have decided that any new customer from 2018 will be placed onto the GoCardless Platform. This method is safe, secure, minimal administration, nothing for the customer to do once signed up, no extra costs for the customer and more importantly allows window cleaning to be easily budgeted for.  

How Does It Work And Signing up.

How GoCardless works can be found here on our website and the same page has the signup form at the bottom. A unique link can be emailed or text'd to you so you can set up the Direct Debit mandate which takes on average less than two minutes to complete. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us, our preferred method of contact is via our handy message form found here