Commercial Window Cleaning Contracts!

Commercial Window Cleaning Contracts!

2017 has seen a huge surge of companies contacting Lgb Vision for quotations for commercial window cleaning. The main reasons seem to be poor reliability and more importantly quality. Here at Lgb Vision we're all owner/operators so the quality is always at the forefront of our minds. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every clean we complete. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

We have never had what we would call a large amount of commercial clients but this has certainly changed in 2017. Lgb Vision have added blocks of flats, retail shops, public houses and even schools to their portfolio with all of the new contracts being located in Bedford or near by. We believe we can add value where other companies cannot so we do not need to undercut our competitors or enter bidding wars,

Giving off the correct first impression is critical with potential new clients so don't let dirty windows be the first impression of your company. Nothing quite beats a fresh, clean and crisp window which has been cleaned and detailed to a high specification. 

Lgb are long established within Oakley business park, priory business park, interchange retail park and the St Johns centre. If you have a commercial business in the Bedford area that we don’t yet clean, please get in touch today so your windows and frames can dazzle the competition.

Other Services

At present we can offer commercial gutter clearing and cleaning across most parts of Bedfordshire with the main area of works being undertaken in Bedford. We can also clean large solar panel arrays or solar farms as they're know in the industry. 

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