Window Cleaning In Bromham

Window Cleaning In Bromham

Lgb Vision collectively has over 30 years window cleaning experience, along with our drive and passion for sparkly clean windows we are an unstoppable team. We currently service over 500 homes and buildings in Bromham across the entire village. We can be found cleaning on nearly every street so have a look out for us and say hello, we’re as friendly as we are professional.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our team of expert window cleaners particularly enjoy visiting Bromham village for the great customers (of course) and the wide variety of glass to clean. Bromham hosts new build housing, some beautiful grade ll listed buildings and three story town houses such as those in the Peacock Road area. Under the Bedford Borough Council’s housing plan Bromham will be growing in size shortly with the new development of houses and we would be delighted to offer a non-obligation quote. Using our specialist knowledge and perfected techniques there is no window Lgb cannot tackle.

Commercial Window Cleaning

If you require the windows of a commercial property to be spotlessly cleaned, creating a beaming welcome to staff and clients we would love to come and give you a quote. First impressions count, and they do say cleanliness is next to godliness. Make your office, shop or premises look dazzling. Please get in touch if you're looking for a window cleaner in the Bromham area or just simply looking for comparative quotes, our easy to fill out contact form can be be found here.

Other Services

Due to the large volume of customers we clean in Bromham we can be found emptying gutters, cleaning conservatory roofs and every other service we offer which can be found here.

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